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Amis Boersma

Amis is an Integral Professional Coach and workshop facilitator with over 10 years of experience in the field of International activism and social change. She believes that people tend to keep their best features hidden – sometimes even from themselves. Often passions, talents, desires and hopes for the future get buried under the overflowing to-do lists of daily life. As a coach, workshop facilitator and event host, she shines a light on the things that really matter to people, helping them connect to others as their truest and fullest selves. She is Dutch with Indonesian roots; a true citizen of the world. She has lived in Amsterdam, Honolulu, Jakarta and Cartagena, and have recently moved to the island of Aruba in the Carribean. She holds a Master in Southeast Asian studies and is currently studyingher 7th language (Papiamento). Besides languages, she devours methods in which humans can better and more deeply connect, such as Art of Hosting, Theory U and Thinking Environment. She loves to sing and dance, and spend time with her loved ones – preferably over a good cappuccino or cocktails.