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Chad Boettcher

Chad is the founder and President at True North Media, a new nonprofit media collective bringing together mission-based organizations, strategists and influencers to use popular entertainment and storytelling for long-term social change. True North builds on Boettcher's 15+ years experience creating and leading award-winning teams who develop media partnerships, corporate social responsibility strategies and social impact initiatives for media companies and foundations.  His work on behalf of major media companies and philanthropies like Univision, The Onion, Participant Media, MTV, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, California Endowment, Open Society Foundations and others has appeared in leading national and international news outlets and won dozens of awards, including multiple Emmy Awards in community and public service. Boettcher also taught marketing innovation at NYU and worked for the presidential campaigns of both Al Gore (2000) and Barack Obama (2008).  He’s a former board member of GLAAD, a current board member of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, and holds a B.A. in Political Science, Spanish and Botany from Miami University.