JustLabs is a space for fresh thinking, innovation and out-of-the-box solutions for the social change field.


JustLabs was born at a time of profound complexity and feeling of unprecedented change for those working for social justice. If we have complex problems, we need to go beyond the traditional toolbox and approaches which now are no longer as effective as they used to be.

These approaches are often lacking in the social change field, especially in these highly volatile times. Innovation and the ability to think creatively to achieve impact go out the door first in times of crisis, when in fact, they should be the life raft that they should hang on to when the field’s relevance is being questioned.




JustLabs seeks to provide a safe space for problem solving and long-term thinking, so those who try to make a difference, no matter how difficult their situations are, can have the support they need to not lose their strategic and impact edge.

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Using methodologies such as design thinking, foresight, popular education, systems thinking and contemplative practices, it is a common good for those seeking to solve complex and sometimes intractable challenges.




JustLabs is composed of full-time practitioners in the social change field, as well as well-respected experts from other disciplines such as product design, cognitive science, technology, TV and video production, publishing, photography, high-impact facilitation, theatre, graphic arts, political campaigns, meditative practice, advertising, academia and coaching.  

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With this, our toolkit combines thematic expertise on the issues, along with creative, multi-disciplinary process skills.




 In short, we are a clearing house for problem-solving—where we bring to bear both our substantive and process knowledge to find solutions to challenges that are impervious to traditional methodologies.