Rami Efal

Rami’s diverse experience weaves contemplation & communication, creativity & strategy. Israel-born, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a criminal investigator investigating crimes by soldiers including human rights violations. Now citizen of the USA, he has been a student of Zen Buddhism for 12 years, has lived for 4 years in a cloistered Zen Buddhist monastery and an urban lay temple and has completed 50+ week-long meditation retreats. He is the executive director of Zen Peacemakers International, a planetary network for social and humanitarian engagement based on contemplative practices, founded by social innovator and Zen master Bernie Glassman, and known for their Bearing Witness Retreats in Auschwitz, Rwanda and with the Native Americans. Rami has co-led multi-day workshops in Nonviolent Communication with the New York Center for NVC, and is an award winning illustrator, graphic novelist and fine artist that presented on art and peace-building at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, on NPR and at the UN headquarters in New York City.